StartCuts Mobile Hairdressing Stage 2 - 3rd Attempt



by Jessica Collins

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Mobile Hairdressing accepting StartCOIN as a preferred payment method


This is my third attempt at getting funded for the second stage of my StartCuts Mobile Hairdressing Project.

I am looking to become a fully operational, highly qualified hairdresser and would like to start my own mobile hairdressing business. I have long dreamed of becoming a fully qualified mobile hairdresser, and now is the time to step things up a gear and really go for it.


StartJOIN is an amazing platform for those wishing to achieve their goals and has a fantastic community of people that come together to make dreams a reality. By incorporating StartCOIN into my business, I will have the ability to help promote this exciting cryptocurrency and the StartJOIN platform to my clients. Rather than talk about the weather or where they have been on their holidays, I will have their undivided attention to discuss the principles of crowdfunding, and explain how StartCOIN can become a currency they can use to donate to projects and even pay for their hairstyle (after all, they're not going anywhere for quite a while). I will not only be accepting StartCOIN as a payment method, but will also be offering discounts if paying by the cryptocurrency. I shall have information leaflets to give to the customer which will help to explain how they can sign up to StartJOIN and become involved in pledging, as well as where and how to purchase StartCOIN.


The funding I require is needed to pay for on-going courses and equipment to keep me going. I am currently qualified to a level 2 standard in women’s hairdressing and thanks to the StartJOIN community I am now studying level 3 women’s hairdressing and men’s barbering, which are both going very well, I have passed all my exams and assessments so far and am really enjoying these first steps towards the career I want.


However the time has come to step things up a gear as I need to be able to fill in the gaps in knowledge that are not included on my current courses. For example, Wedding hair, Hair Extensions and Afro Caribbean hair are all elements I do want to qualify in so I will need to study those separately, which of course all incurs further cost but would be an invaluable investment as I will be able to cater to more people and therefore bring the StartJOIN / StartCOIN initiative to a wider audience.


Future projects in the series of funding stages, will include additional short intensive courses to keep me up to date with the latest industry trends, and a second-hand vehicle, which will be vinyl wrapped with the company logo (stating 'Funded by StartJOIN') and a 'StartCOIN Accepted Here' logo, which should help to show off the coins' real world use as a method of payment. I would also like to make use of my local newspaper and radio station media, to promote my business with a story of how StartJOIN and StartCOIN helped to get my business off the ground. I shall treat the promotion of the START family as my personal mission, to get as many people interested and investing as possible.


Please pledge as little or as much as you can and help make my dream a reality. Also, for those wishing to pledge multiples of 50 GBP, I shall draw a name(s) from a 'hat' (if fully funded) to win a Special Surprise Bundle of Hairdressing / Barbering themed goodies :-)

Thank you

Jess xxx