StartJoin Party 2 in Russia



by Konstantin Borisov

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a New promotional party in Russia Here we go

Hi everyone! Silly Cake is here!

We decided to make another StartJoin promotion party in Volgograd, Russia. Now with DJs and MC from Saint Petersburg. The winter party season is ending so it's gonna be the last free entry party this season – we are also thinking about OpenAir in Russia this summer but more on that later.

We signed a contract with another club in the North part of the Volgograd – "Bad Room" club.

IT's REALLY BETTER HERE, you can see on the photos below:




There gonna be 5 DJs and 1 MC (two of them are from SPb).

I will also make a Periscope translation during the party. That's gonna be awesome! Yeah really awesome!

Why do we need this count of money?

  1. - Promotional stuff
  2. - Taxi and petrol
  3. - Posters and banners with
  4. - Paper bracelets
  5. - DJ's fees
  6. - Other taxes

It will be the next in my way of Crypto popularization in my country within my lovely hometown – Volgograd (ex-Stalingrad). If you want to visit the party personally I can host you for that day!


We also decided to make more promotional stuff like big banner for the wall, stickers, posters and another big QR code with

The rewards are also much better than on the previous party so you can take part just right now!

Thank you folks! See you in the updates! I swear it will be awesome!

your friend Silly Cake