StartJOIN Promotional Party with Bass Machine 3



by Konstantin Borisov

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Music with Cryptos will change the World I am happy to announce StartJOIN Promotional party 3

Hello everyone! This is Silly Cake!

I am happy to announce StartJOIN Promotional party #3

We are going to make new StartJOIN promotional party in Volgograd, Russia, according to numerous people's requests and opening Summer Season. The previous party was AWESOME! You can check all the photos inside the project update links ( in this post).

A lot of people here in my hometown now know about It's a great pleasure when people are asking you about StartJOIN - feeling myself like Max Keiser :D


So lotta project from my new friends are coming soon, you will see, unfortunatelly for some technical reasons there is no russian language here yet, but its OK because here I help people with translations (this one is the first project from my friend with my translation -

This time there gonna be 4 DJs and 1 MC (like the previous time). We also going to make better and longer promotional video and more photos. The place is the same – our favorite nightclub in the North part of the Volgograd – "Bad Room" club.


These projects are making me better with Party Organizing business — it's a priceless experience for me. As I said before – with StartJOIN my life became extremely interesting. *THUMBSUP*

Why do we need this count of money? Actually, for the same objectives:

  1. - Promotional stuff
  2. - Taxi and petrol
  3. - Posters and banners with
  4. - Paper bracelets
  5. - DJ's fees
  6. - Other taxes



Thank you friends! See you in the updates! I swear it will be BETTER THAN EVER!

your musical weird friend

Silly Cake