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by Cleiton Teixeira

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Help me to expand the network, bring a StartNode to Brazil.

My name is Cleiton and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am married and live with my wife in a rented apartment, small but cozy. I work in the industry and always enjoy what I do.

Modestly I see myself as an exception in Brazil. I realize we have beautiful scenery, beautiful people and full capacity to prosper, but I recognize that cultural and political problems exceed our little positives. But we still have hope of better days.

I understand that life offers paths to be developed and generally those who "flees the herd" change realities. Once you get the Bachelor degree in Chemistry and work in the industry I knew the future was for me and my colleagues to do something decidedly different.

I always tried to undertake and create - plenty of ideas and projects gathering dust!

I started to study the Blockchain at the end of 2015 and fell in love because I know that P2P is the future. I began studying altcoins that impressed me with great features and applications.

As I consider crowdfunding something magical, where people help others to achieve something of great significance to what may, even if it is minimal, I decided to try to encourage further this initiative by supporting StartCOIN

By acquiring a StartNode outside Europe or North America, I believe I can help grow the support for the network by becoming the fourth node in Latin America. I would love to be part of this story and help others to change realities by spreading the message about crypto.

Support, donate and aid is the way! You can do this! This is the highest value.

I thank you all.