StartNode - Pearce's Pitch



by Pearce Hamblin

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Looking to raise funds to get a StartNode to help grow the network.

Hi, my name is Pearce and I am looking for help to fund my very own StartNode to help the network to continue to grow.

A little about me. I live in Slough with my fiancée and am currently saving up for our wedding. Cryptocurrency has been one of my biggest interests since I first found out about it back in January 2013 in the form of Bitcoin. Since then, I've dabbled here and there with various other Altcoins and not one of them nearly as successful, or with as much potential as Bitcoin has been...until I heard about StartCoin last year.

The possibilities of StartCoin are huge when you consider how popular crowdfunding is becoming and to incorporate a global currency for crowdfunding makes sense. Obviously other uses for it are there, which is why I want to see it continue to grow and become a success and to help out in the process.

Now I bet you're wondering "why not just purchase a StartNode yourself?", well as previously mentioned, I am currently saving up for my wedding, which in itself is a very costly process and I can't dedicate as much of my funds towards some of the things I love doing until that is paid for as I want to make that the most memorable day of my life.

I have always wanted to start my own business, I flirted with the idea of setting up a healthy living/eating site last year and also looking to setup some sort of cryptocurrency charity, but in the end, whatever I decide, I want to base what I create around cryptocurrency and incorporating that into it. I am currently thinking about following a passion of mine which I have enjoyed for the last several years which is chilli peppers. My dad and myself have grown chillis in the family garden for the last few years and I've always wondered whether I could make a business out of it. Obviously you can't create an empire overnight, but it's something I am seriously considering setting up in the coming months ready for the new season next year and seeing if I can start the ball rolling. The main thing is, I want to accept cryptocurrency as the single form of payment, no pounds, no dollars, no euros...and that's where StartCoin comes in.

Getting a StartNode would help me to support the network that has so much potential in a very crowded market of other altcoins to help bring it above the rest. When I do get my own business up and running, I want StartCoin to be at the centre of it and giving back to the community in the form of running a StartNode would be the least I could do.

So if you have a few coins you can spare and send this way, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you.