Hiptazmic makes Start Coin shirts



by Mike The Human faucet LV Promotions

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Start Stuff is a Hiptazmic Designs idae to produce shirts challenge coin wallets and more coming.

We are a business recruiter . We get stores to use Crypto coins.


Here is a way to support a Start Coin using business, Promote your favorite coin by letting the world see you. The Start coin received from this project is for direct sale of tangible goods in Las Vegas shop located @ 107 E Charleston Ave in the Arts Factory.Make your Start a factor in the economy by using it in a brick and mortar store . We will be taping the production run in shop . You will get a link with your shirt to a exclusive interview with Tom (Hiptazmic),Bobby (Raw Remedies) James 303 N, Curtiss Jo Walker (City of Las Vegas 18b art/business coordinator) and the printing of the shirts.(For Lv walking Billboards Crypto in Vegas documentry.

The interview is huge we have crypto announcements that change how everyone vacations in Vegas.We will have product announcements for StartJoin/coin only.Hotel deals, and more . This is the first of many future offerings by businesses,galleries,and artists in Las Vegas . I hope you give Tom and Hiptazmic a big hello and get yourself a Start coin shirt today.