Worlds First StartCoin Crypto Tattoo Sleeve



by Konstantin Borisov

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Hello there my friends!

Do you remember that weird project with StartCoin tattoo? :D

(It's here:

Now I decided to move on and make a crypto-tattoo SLEEVE on my left hand. That's going to be really awesome! Actually having sleeves was always my dream, and today I want to START.

With and you, my friends, my life became really interesting and amazing! Now I have an opportunity to help people all around the world, I've started making things I really wanted to do like producing designer's stuff and translating sites! It's really cool! Now I can tell everybody that I've became much happier then ever with StartJOIN community!

I decided to make the WORLD'S FIRST CRYPTO-TATTOO SLEEVE with Bitcoin and StartCOIN attributes! And also the rewards are going to be more exciting.

For those who will pledge over 500 pounds - I will make a tattoo with Pledger's name (Gothic font). Fair. No kidding.

Your. Name. Only One Position.

Tattoo master is going to be the same as on the first project – Roman Zalov.

As I already said on the previous project:

Now I know that there are a lot of really kind people around me, that's why I won't be upset in case it won't work. Anyway thank you guys for my good mood, with you this world won't collapse. Thank you!"

I love you guys! With Startjoin everyone can make dreams real.

Thank you,

your Silly Cake.