StartCoin Tattoo Challenge



by Konstantin Borisov

90% Complete

StartCoin Tattoo - seems weird, huh C'mon, come inside, my friend

Hi there! It's me again!

First I want to say that it's a kind of a weird project, but let me explain.

I am not drunk or something else, I am in the sober condition. This idea is a little bit strange but I really want this happen.

May be this project won't change the world but has already changed my mind. I didn't expect that there are so many people in the world who can help to make your dreams come true and to change the world with you. Honestly I have a few projects on the other crowdfunding web sites (even on the russian one), but never was successful. And few days ago I started a new crowdfunding company with T-shirts that could change the world and people's mind too. At the first day I met 8 backers who gave me 1/3 part of my goal. I never thought that could be real, I never met people just like you, guys. I also made mistakes with the rewards and they just gave me money asking nothing for that! I didn't expect that. Such a miracle! I always thought that people around are evil and greedy but now I know that it's not true!

I thought to do something special but now I know what it's going to be - a StartCoin Tattoo (the icon of this project). Tattoo always was my passion and I've got a lot of them on my body: chest, both legs, right arm, back etc. So I want to do this as a reminder that this world is full of good people.


If I would earn more than 50$ I would make more tattoos with startcoin image. I love tattoos and now I also love and StartCoin too.

Now I know that there are a lot of really kind people around me, that's why I won't be upset in case it won't work. Anyway thank you guys for my good mood, with you this world won't collapse. Thank you!