Help me to become a COOL tattoo master



by Maxim Golev

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Help me to get some brand new equipment to become better at tattooing

Hello, my name is Max. I am a DJ. I participated in every StartJOIN promo party and also last three years I was working as a tattoo master. Now I want to reach the new professional level, so that's why I need some new equipment.


After all StartJOIN parties I want to try to realize my dreams into reality - I need money support to buy a new tattoo machines:

1) VladBlad Proliner

2) VladBlad Proshader



After buying the equipment I can spend more time making tattoos and to say a GREAT “thank you” to every pledger, but more on that later.

Last two years I was working in St. Petersburg (amazing city, I advise everyone to visit it) and in Volgograd (my hometown). Basically I can make tatto in every style. But I love to draw sketches in graphic style - dotwork, graphics etc. I love black and white sketches. I also want to travel across the country and around the world, so happy to come to your home and make you a tattoo of your dream in my «trademark» style.





1) personal thanks with video + Like on facebook = 10 pounds

2) Thanks + tattoo postcard + cool hand made stickers = 50 pounds

3) Thanks + double pack of EXCLUSIVE postcards + cool hand made tattoo stickers = 100 pounds

4) Everything above + tattoo sketch (A4 size) = 120 pounds

5) Everything above + tattoo sketch (A3size) = 150 pounds

6) Everything above + I will make you a tattoo (100x150 mm) at meeting = 250 pounds

7) Everything above + I will make you a tattoo (200x300 mm) at meeting = 500 pounds

8) All above + I will make a tattoo sleeve for you at your home (*just help to host us - 2 persons) + tattoo sketch (A1 size) + special video with working processes + a lot of special cool russian stickers + lotta cool Russian stuff and unforgettable emotions = 1500 pounds

Thanks Silly Cake for help with translations!