The Design Prophecy



by Pal Bergstrom

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Help with a new PC for designing objects to be presented at an exhibition in Milan in the coming years.

As we are searching for the perfect fit in a divine universe we change every second of our lives.”

I need funding for a new PC. My current is getting old and too slow to work in 3D.

The Design Prophecy is a project under development by me Pål (Paul) Bergström with the goal to produce personal design, currently as ideas in 3d, in single units or small scale production (on-demand design) and present a few items at an exhibition in Milan in the coming years together prints and short videos of them. At least that's the dream. First a new PC.


The items, ideas in 3D, you see in the gallery (link below) is an open exploration that not necessarily will be produced. Design has always been with me but kept inside. It's not until recently I've started to find my own language. I will continue to explore and fine tune my ideas. The gallery is part of that process.

The truth is I'm not able to buy a new PC as I've been very busy as an activist for full democracy in Sweden. It has affected my client list and getting work as truth can be a sensitive topic. However we will soon see a big dramatic but positive shift socially, politically and economically towards my goal. Then I can put all that behind me and focus on design, creative stuff and start living for real.

Besides talking about freedom and a peaceful world where people have real value I'm a Designer, Artist, Global Environmental and Future Analysis and Web Developer. Specialist in Design, Awareness and Personality.

A free world will also mean a conscious world that affirms the fact that we are part of a larger dimension and open the market for my thoughts on Design, Personality and Consciousness.

Parallel to this project I have developed a method called Design Genetics. I'm also working on an app called Yellow ID, mirroring personality powered by my method to create increased self-awareness privately and for groups.