by Andrew Auernheimer

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I am trying to raise funds to register a fund intended to allow software exploit developers to disclose vulnerabilities ethically.

Right now if you're a software exploit developer and you want to monetize your craft to pay your rent, there's only one consistent way to do so: sell your software exploits. The major customer for these are oppressive governments, chiefly that of the United States. We know what the United States does with software exploits: it uses them to illegally spy on its own citizens, and attack peaceful nations around the world.

I need your help to create a company that will ethically disclose software vulnerabilities to the public. For this I need help getting the filing fees necessary to incorporate a hedge fund. I want to continue bringing issues in companies that put you at risk to light, and short the stocks of those companies when I do so. I will only get paid when large corporations being negligent get punished. This will create a structure by which security researchers including myself will still make a living, only now by disclosing problems instead of selling them in secret to criminal governments.

I have long been an advocate of ethical software exploit disclosure. I in fact went to prison for ethical software exploit disclosure. In June of 2010, there was a public AT&T web server that was publishing the customer records of iPad 3G users. I took a sample of these records and gave them to a journalist because I feel when a big company puts you at risk, you deserve to know about it so you can mitigate the risk you're exposed to. A federal prosecutor felt I'd committed a crime by informing you, the public, of corporate negligence. I did over 14 months in prison where I was tortured by a barrage of tactics including sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, physical assault, and interference with my mail. My verdict was vacated by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals because the prosecution's case did not have a leg to stand on.

I have fought hard to inform you of bad actors in software and web services and want to continue doing so. Help me start TRO LLC and you'll be paid dividends in lulz for all eternity.