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by Astehmari Batekun

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Help us provide an educational internet radio service focused on sharing value and insight in the natural unities of maths, culture, art, nature and science.

This appeal is a stepping stone towards the uLearn Naturally Radio and uLearn HSKE Project. Minimally we need £1080, optimally we need £3600 to fully set-up our first radio studio in Tottenham. This will allow us to properly pilot our recording and broadcast provision.


Main Project Objectives:

Overall our project's mission is to provide a participatory educational internet radio service focused on (a) enhancing local learning experiences and (b) sharing value / insight into the natural unities of maths, culture, art, nature and science. We are about advancing integrative (unifying) approaches to learning with radio acting as a central dynamic in a broad range of intelligently connected media, ILTs, ICTs and educative platforms.

We will be working with two community centres in Tottenham, between them we are building a ground braking kind of internet radio provision and around this we intend to develop well supported Home-School Knowledge Exchange (HSKE) projects with local “schools” which we define broadly as “centres of determined learning” e.g. libraries, youth provision, learning projects/events, children's centres, primary and secondary schools etc. uLearn Naturally Radio seeks to create community led infrastructure that allows the home-learning centre connection to work in better and more innovative ways thereby raising learning outcomes and impacts.

We will keep the most detailed listing of local educational events to allow local people an easy way (portal) to address their (family) learning interests. Our online system will capture searches and the ongoing local educational wish-list to help local educators and service providers gain insight to interest and need.

It is distinctive that the project is localised yet it is our intention to harness the dynamic of local knowledge exchanges / developments and translate them to other localities Haringey-wide, Hackney-wide, Lambeth-wide, London-wide, nationally and globally.

uLearn Naturally Radio will:

1) build relations and partnerships with local learning centres.

2) create documentaries (audio and visual) of local learning experiences and make their essential and inspiring elements indexed, public and archived.

- provide platforms for educators to share additional related resources and references

- provide user friendly ways for participants and the community in general to share their interests, experiences and knowledge about local learning events and their educative principles.

- - This will include ways for them and the educator/facilitator to engage with each other in moderated ways that ensure professional efficacy of the home-learning centre knowledge exchange idea.

3) Manage a client relationship management (CRM) system detailing relevant info on all members of the project; parents/families, educators/teachers/facilitators, organisations and statutory agencies. The intention of our CRM is to enable high quality customisations of the service to members' needs and desires.

4) In the first year develop and deliver a core schedule of at least three weekly live shows / podcasts;

- for children and young people

- for parents, families and the general community

- for educators/teachers/facilitators

5) In the second year develop comprehensive plans for three focused pilot projects with whole cohorts of learners (classes) supporting the application of HSKE in partnership with local schools (uLearn HSKE Project). The intention is to raise attainment in Numeracy, Maths, Science, English Literacy, World & Root Language appreciation, Art (in all forms), Physical Education (inc. integrations to body movement arts and sports). These projects will be well monitored and evidenced with control studies.

- The landmark HSKE Project of 2007 is reported on in summary with this document; Teaching & Learning - Research Briefing: Enhancing primary literacy and mathematics through home-school knowledge exchanges (ISBN-978-0-85473-744-4). We intend to draw on all the lessons learnt in this project.

- The first year phase of uLearn Naturally Radio will continue into and throughout the second year. In its second year we will explore ways to refine the core schedule and uLearn Naturally Radio services to address the future needs of uLearn HSKE.

- It is our intention to raise the required funds and resources by the end of year two to enable uLearn HSKE to start in year three.

--Year three will see uLearn Naturally Radio evolving into its optimal service idea and levels.

We have developed and are developing project partnerships / collaborations:

- University of the Arts London and the Open University (Learning, Teaching and Enhancement) are being approached to provide

professional insight to knowledge exchange / student support tools.

- BBC Radio (Digital Strategy, Multi-platform) are being approached to provide professional insight to knowledge exchange /

listener engagement systems.

- University of Bristol are being approached as they hold expertise in Home School Knowledge Exchange research.

Fundamentally our core collaborations will be with "learning centres" within the geographic sphere of the centres and all parties who can assist in building this unified learning platform and experience.


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We have now secured a suitable incubation space for the development of our first radio studio, this will be based in Tottenham. Your support with the required equipment will enable us to test and develop the station's capacities. Pilot phase go ! With the pilot running the vision and educational capacity of the full project will be clearer to future beneficiaries, stakeholders, funders, partners and investors.

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Help us build this kind of educational radio studio... get the ball rolling.


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Find out more about this project:

Contact: [email protected] or call 075 3003 8547.

Thank you for considering this carefully, please support this first step (and future ones) as best as you can.

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