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by Chris Ellis

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Posted: Feb 25th 2016, 03:27

Bitcoin Core 0.12 is officially released and 7x faster! More blades for a closer shave! Or something...

Well we have a come a long way since December. Many smart people (much smarter than me) have put in their suggestions on the Git Repo and now we are ready to launch the next version with the release of Bitcoin Core 0.12.

Anyone who bought a Fullnode in Stage 1 is entitled to one update on a 'pay what you want' basis. Just send us your details to fullnode at and you will be sent a new memory card in the post and you can send a donation to the ProTip address:


Recommended donation is $5, you will receive a new 8Gb Memory Card with the latest Raspbian Jessie OS and Bitcoin Core 0.12.

Of course we would much prefer it if you were to get your hands dirty, here are the instructions on how to setup the new Fullnode from scratch.

If you have any technical problems reach out on our public chatroom: