WallHaxx StartNode Pitch



by Evan Skallerud

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Help this freelance artist, designer, and new media creator build his brand and grow the cryptosphere economy with an always on, 80 mbps Pi3 StartNode.

Hello Crowdfunders!

My name is Evan, AKA WallHaxx, and I want to bring a reliable Pi 2/3 StartNode to the east coast of central Florida.


Who am I?

I'm one of the lazy millennials that needs to stop whining and get a job. Just kidding! But, real talk, I've been screwed hard by the new economic reality. Availability of work with livable wages began to dwindle as soon as I entered the workforce. Now at 29, my resume is so full of gaps that I don't get a second look. Back in 2012 I decided I was done with wage slavery and began honing my skills and building my personal brand as a freelance graphic designer. It's been hard, slow work, but I'm fairly comfortable with my skills at this point. You can see some of my work here.

What does Crypto mean to me?

I started to get interested in cryptography and the blockchain around the same time, but lack of expendable income made it a moot point. But in 2014, in dire straits, I moved to Florida to join my mother in her efforts to start a sustainable community, or 'EcoVillage' called TaraEden (as well as to put a roof over my head). It was then that Crypto became relevant to my goals.

You see, starting a community currency is part of our vision for a society that works for everyone. It was then, after much hard work, that I sold my mom on a crypto backed currency rather than much more limited and insecure 'local currencies' based on little more than paper and record keeping. I saw a local currency of paper wallets as a much more forward thinking idea.

What am I doing?

Ultimately we want to start our own coin, but we are currently still very limited in our capital and are unable to fund the work to complete such a task. We are considering branded paper wallets with low StartCOIN values as a temporary solution.

Along with a currency, we also want to build a cooperative network of cooperative businesses. As well as shared community spaces like Makerspaces where people are educated about the new economy we are creating and how they can take part. Members and merchants would earn rewards in the currency and be able to buy other goods and services in the network, all while getting people familiar with the digital/ global side of the cryptocurrency.

The potential impact of our organization, TaraEden, is unending. We could employ the homeless and unemployed. We could train the unskilled to join our workforce. We could build mobile tiny houses for the homeless. We could have people on bikes collecting recyclables and compostables to turn into valuable products. We could spur innovation by giving kids a chance to learn 3D printing, up-cycling, and urban farming. And we can do a lot of that without US dollar capital by growing the network with crypto.

All of these ideas are projects I would ultimately like to see on StartJOIN, but we need to get the ball rolling to make any of it happen.

How do I get there?

Partially as a response to our need for exposure, as well as a bit of inspiration from Rusty, Russell 'Revolution' Brand, and other new media, I began to build my social media skills and set my eyes on creating some form of online news/media outlet. I discovered Max and Stacy around the same time, and I've watched every episode since then.

I put in a ton of work getting my Blog ready for a new push and stepped up my Facebook and Twitter games, and I've seen lots of new followers since then. I got a cheap but decent mic and am working on creating a podcast. A camera is next on my list. I still have a bit more work before I am fully up to speed (mostly graphics, Ironically) but am very happy with what I have so far. Along with politics, (#FeelTheBern, end the oligarchy) I report on Crypto, 3D-printing, and other disruptive technologies like Ethereum and StartJOIN. I have a weakness for robots, drones and AI, which I express by screaming 'ROBOTS WILL KILL US ALL!' sarcastically. I also try to share new visions for our future. Solutions that capitalism has failed to supply, like Sustainable Permaculture Farming, Aquaponics, Basic Income, Universal Healthcare, and more

If any of this sounds good to you, please help me get this node and start creating a better tomorrow. Namaste.

Here's my PC node on StartMaps: